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Peter Lowen

April 12th, 2015

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The journey to this album is the result of a sequence of fortunate events. I have played in cover bands for most of my musical life and recently began playing solo.
People began asking for a copy of my CD which I didn’t have. This coincided with the writing of Wialki which was picked up by the Sounds of the Wheatbelt – a WAM (Western Australian Music) project headed up by Nigel Bird.

The guest producer for the recording of Wialki was Joel Quartermain and he and his team inspired me so, that I wrote another sixteen songs in six months.
I then rang Joel and asked if he would produce an album for me and in eight days seven more songs were recorded.

I sincerely thank all those mentioned on the credits page for their wonderful work and would like to say a special thanks to Joel, Nigel, Grant Arthur and my wife Sue and my family for their support.

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