We’re Just Visitors
  • Genre:Country
  • Release date:17 Apr 2015

We’re Just Visitors

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My take on the brevity of life as we visit it.
co – written by Pete Byfield and Joel Quartermain (Mushroom Music Publishing).




you may not own a parcel of sand
or you may be a lord of the land
but when it’s time to be movin on
you will return to the land alone
you will return to the land alone
we’re just visitors on this land
a stranger to this world I am
we’re the elements of our birth
we all return one day to the earth
we all return one day to the earth
you may be a human being
or you may be a creature thing
but melt us all down to the elements
maybe love is the point of difference
yes maybe love is the only difference
this life is no rehearsal
when you’re gone there’s no reversal
enjoy your time till the end of the line
every day you live you’re in your prime
every day you live is borrowed time



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