• Genre:Country
  • Release date:17 Apr 2015


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My family have been threatened by and fought fires all
their lives. Some friends of ours lost their house in a
bushfire fire in 2014.




heat mirage on the horizon
wind howls and dust is a risin’
birds fall from trees
it don’t feel like home to me
smoke billows in the distance
choppers provide resistance
ground crews are mustering
like ants to the danger
like ants to the threat
danger is here
terror in the rearview
there’s hell up ahead like nothing we knew
arms open wide and helpless
it don’t feel like home to me
night falls and calm descends
“firies” defend us, friends are among us
eternity before the new day
reveals the wrath, reveals the pain
nothings the same
yesterdays plans may be gone
a new day begins at dawn
count the costs, count the blessings
move on or rebuild and stay
nothings the same




Pete Byfield