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Peter Lowen

April 12th, 2015

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Lead vocals – Pete Byfield.
Acoustic guitar – Pete Byfield, Joel Quartermain, Lee Jones.
Electric guitar – Lee Jones, Joel Quartermain.
Lapsteel, pedal steel and slide – Lee Jones.
Bass guitar – Joel Quartermain and Lauren Arthur (on Wialki).
Piano – Joel Quartermain.
Drums – Nigel Bird, Joel Quartermain, Matt Giovannangelo (on Wialki).
Backing vocals – Pete Byfield, Sean Lillico (on Wialki).
Percussion on Wialki – Joel, Pete, Sean.
We’re Just Visitors was co-written by Pete Byfield and Joel Quartermain (Mushroom Music Publishing)
All other songs written by Pete Byfield
All songs produced , engineered and mixed by Joel Quartermain except Wialki which was co produced by Joel Quartermain and Matt Giovannangelo
Wialki first appeared on the Sounds of the Wheatbelt album which was a project of Western Australian Music (WAM) and recorded in a vacant farmhouse
All other songs recorded at Wasteland Studio, O’Connor, Western Australia
Mastered by William Bowden
Design by redroom
Photography by Greg Buck, Wink and Blink Photography
Manufactured by DiskBank

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