August 10th, 2016

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The atmosphere has thin proportions but a vast impact on our ability to live. This is my perspective in looking after it.


Written by Pete Byfield
Produced by Joel Quartermain (Wasteland Studio)
Electric and acoustic guitar by Lee Jones. Bass guitar by Joel Quartermain.
Pete Byfield:  All vocals



Earths thin veil she wraps around like mothers arms
Pulled close to the beating of her heart
Her warm kiss and her breath of life holds tears that fall as rain
She shields her souls and comforts them from pain
Rivers fill and flow like veins beneath her warm embrace
She fills the depths and feeds all life upon this earthly place
Breath her breath, drink her tears feel her warmth and keep her near
Breath her breath, drink her tears feel her warmth and keep her near your heart
When she gets tired the mountains cry
And the valleys they rip apart
The plains get burned and coral turns
And it breaks her bleeding heart
And winter summer spring and fall reminds us that she’s there
To care, caress and mend this mess of human folly fare
It breaks her bleeding heartDon’t break her bleeding heart
Don’t break her bleeding heart

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