There’s A Treaty In The Air
  • Genre:Country
  • Release date:09 Apr 2020

There’s A Treaty In The Air

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In 2019 I toured Australia, playing music and observing land use since “colonisation”. What became apparent was the way history has been portrayed in this country. When “law” crushed “lore” the invaders damn near excluded the first people from the planet. Well they didn’t succeed but the exclusion process is still alive and sick today. It’s complex but I reckon the way forward is a treaty and formal recognition of first people as owners of this land. Australia leaders will benefit by having its first people stand beside them. It’s not what Australia can do for its first people, it is what our first people can do for Australia.



There’s a Treaty in the Air

Lawman, can you hear me
I’m a ghost from the past, your conscience and your soul
Hangman, you can be redeemed, you can loosen that noose round my throat
You can take that mask from my face
I can help you…… tread this earthly place

Lawman, can you hear me
I’m an echo from the past (echo) ……60,000 years
Lawman, you can be redeemed, your ink is still wet
Together we can write, a brand new birth certificate
I feel, there’s a treaty in the air


It could rain on our parade on the worldly stage

Let me take you there and stand by your side

Let me stand with you, let me walk with you

Let me nurture you and smoke up and yarn up the world

Let’s cleanse this place and drive bad spirits from here

I feel, there’s a treaty in the air



releases September 4, 2020
Written by Pete Byfield
All vocals by Pete Byfield
acoustic guitar – Pete Byfield
electric guitar, bass guitar and percussion by Dan Carroll
didgeridoo – Trevor Davis
produced by Rada Studios Perth



all rights reserved


Pete Byfield