Hounds are Howling
  • Genre:Country
  • Release date:17 Apr 2015

Hounds are Howling

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A lament of the land, a situation not foreign to my family.




black skies sunbeams and a dusty plain
a rainbow, electric skies no rain
lonely drops pound repellent soil
the smell of expectancy in readiness for toil
half chance rain
half chance fire
cockeyed bobs and willy willies are reaching for the sky
hopes are rising
dams are falling
the bank is calling
the hounds are howlin
keep your chin up friends just do the best you can
it’s hotter in fire than it is in the pan
your loved ones burden is not the lack of rain
it’s the sadness in your eyes, watching you in pain
(it’s the sadness in your eyes as I hear you cry in pain)




Pete Byfield