Prior to 2014 Pete’s musical history included playing in cover bands throughout the Wheatbelt. He had not written and/or recorded an original song in an official sense.


Pete’s interest in music began in his teens when the only music teacher in town taught all his mates who in turn taught him to play guitar. The teacher was a post war immigrant, one of many who shaped Pete’s town and him. Pete’s family on both sides are musicians including bar room players on one side and church and big band players on the other. Both sides came together in the local theatre group – a perfect mix?


In early 2014 he wrote a song called Wialki about driving a tractor on his family farm in the 1960’s. The song was picked up by Western Australian Music’s Sounds of the Wheatbelt (SOW) project and was recorded in April the same year. Pete said the recording experience was so encouraging that he set to work and wrote a further sixteen songs, seven of which have now been recorded at Wasteland Studio with producer Joel Quartermain. Joel was Pete’s guest producer for the recording of Wialki. His debut record titled 1 is out now and available through this site.


Pete said that the journey to this record was a sequence of fortunate events and it has been a life changing experience.


It is only recently that he has played solo and to his surprise he is continually asked for a copy of his music – which until now he couldn’t provide.


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